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How to tell when error bars correspond to a significant p-value

Can you tell when error bars based on 95 % CIs or standard errors correspond to a significant p-value? Don’t fret if you think it’s hard, a study from 2005 showed that researchers in psychogoly, behavior neuroscience and medicine had a hard time judging when error bars from two independent groups signified a significant difference

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Effect of sample size on the accuracy of Cohen's d estimates (95 % CI)

When talking about confidence intervals, Jacob Cohen famously said: “I suspect that the main reason they are not reported is that they are so embarrassingly large!” (Cohen, 1994). In this post I’ll take a look at the relationship between the 95 % CI for Cohen’s d and it’s corresponding sample size.

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The (Un)disputed Champion of Psychotherapy – Clinical psychologists and their theoretical orientations

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the psychological treatment of choice for many, if not all, mental disorders. Nonetheless a majority of US clinical psychologist do not primarily identify themselves as either cognitive or behavioral therapists. Looking at data from PubMed publication counts a clear picture emerges -- psychodynamic researchers might be research loafers.

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