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Are the Current Criteria for Empirically Supported Treatments Too Lenient?

The practice of classifying treatments as empirically supported has been widely debated for a long time. In this post I write about a recent article that raises several concerns and suggestions regarding the current use of EST criteria—which can be summarized as the current criteria being too lenient, something that I wholeheartedly agree with

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Cognitive behavioral therapy outperformed psychodynamic therapy on all outcomes in a randomized controlled trail

The dodo bird might be extinct in the real world but in the world of psychotherapy research it refuses to die. However, a group of German researchers recently put forward an article were they had randomized patients to either a PDT or CBT condition and measured the relative proficiency of the two orientations, and they found that their results delivered a convincing blow to the dodo bird verdict.

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Meditation, mindfulness, and executive control: results from a new EEG study

A new interesting study by Teper and Ingzlict (2012) examined the effect of meditation practice on executive control. Many studies have shown that meditation does indeed enhance executive control. But in this study the researchers look more at why meditation is effective in enhancing executive control, and not so much if it’s effective.

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Mindfulness and pain: new research review hints at unique mechanism for pain relief

Mindfulness mediations ability to help regulate pain has been gaining more and more empirical evidence over last couple of years. From the seminal works of Jon-Kabatt Zinn to new neuroimaging studies the evidence seem to indicate that mindfulness mediation is indeed helpful in the attenuation of pain. A new research review by Zeidan et al (2012) tries to assimilate the empirical knowledge about meditation and pain relief in order to gain an understanding about the possible specificity of mindfulness techniques in pain regulation.

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