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Creating a typical textbook illustration of statistical power using either ggplot or base graphics

A common way of illustrating the idea behind statistical power in null hypothesis significance testing, is by plotting the sampling distributions of the null hypothesis and the alternative hypothesis. Typically, these illustrations highlight the regions that correspond to making a type II error, type I error and correctly rejecting the null hypothesis (i.e. the test’s power). In this post I will show how to create such “power plots” using both ggplot and R’s base graphics.

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How to tell when error bars correspond to a significant p-value

Can you tell when error bars based on 95 % CIs or standard errors correspond to a significant p-value? Don’t fret if you think it’s hard, a study from 2005 showed that researchers in psychogoly, behavior neuroscience and medicine had a hard time judging when error bars from two independent groups signified a significant difference

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The (Un)disputed Champion of Psychotherapy – Clinical psychologists and their theoretical orientations

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the psychological treatment of choice for many, if not all, mental disorders. Nonetheless a majority of US clinical psychologist do not primarily identify themselves as either cognitive or behavioral therapists. Looking at data from PubMed publication counts a clear picture emerges -- psychodynamic researchers might be research loafers.

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