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Are the Current Criteria for Empirically Supported Treatments Too Lenient?

The practice of classifying treatments as empirically supported has been widely debated for a long time. In this post I write about a recent article that raises several concerns and suggestions regarding the current use of EST criteria—which can be summarized as the current criteria being too lenient, something that I wholeheartedly agree with

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Cognitive behavioral therapy outperformed psychodynamic therapy on all outcomes in a randomized controlled trail

The dodo bird might be extinct in the real world but in the world of psychotherapy research it refuses to die. However, a group of German researchers recently put forward an article were they had randomized patients to either a PDT or CBT condition and measured the relative proficiency of the two orientations, and they found that their results delivered a convincing blow to the dodo bird verdict.

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The (Un)disputed Champion of Psychotherapy – Clinical psychologists and their theoretical orientations

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the psychological treatment of choice for many, if not all, mental disorders. Nonetheless a majority of US clinical psychologist do not primarily identify themselves as either cognitive or behavioral therapists. Looking at data from PubMed publication counts a clear picture emerges -- psychodynamic researchers might be research loafers.

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