Power analysis for longitudinal multilevel models: powerlmm 0.3.0 is now out on CRAN

Posted by Kristoffer Magnusson on 2018-04-17 22:38:00+02:00 in R

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My R package powerlmm 0.3.0 is now out on CRAN. It can be installed from CRAN or GitHub

New features

This version adds support for raw effect sizes, and new standardized effect sizes using the function cohend(...). Here's an example that use the different types.

p <- study_parameters(n1 = 11,
                      n2 = 25,
                      icc_pre_subject = 0.5,
                      var_ratio = 0.03,
                      effect_size = c(10, # raw
                                     cohend(0.5, standardizer = "pretest_SD"),
                                     cohend(0.5, standardizer = "posttest_SD"),
                                     cohend(0.5, standardizer = "slope_SD"))

Other changes

  • Support for lmerTest 3.0.
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